DirectX 52 Success Secrets - 52 Most Asked Questions On DirectX - What You Need To Know【電子書籍】[ Elizabeth Trevino ]


Probably The Best DirectX Guide To Date. There has never been a DirectX Guide like this. <p><p>It contains 52 answers, much more than you can imagine; comprehensive answers and extensive details and references, with insights that have never before been offered in print. Get the information you need--fast! This all-embracing guide offers a thorough view of key knowledge and detailed insight. This Guide introduces what you want to know about DirectX. <p><p>A quick look inside of some of the subjects covered: Hercules Graphics Card - Clone boards[ VGA Legacy], DirectX 9 - Alternatives, Comparison of ATI graphics processing units - DirectX version note, DirectX Video Acceleration - Software, DirectX Media Objects - Releases, Comparison of Nvidia graphics processing units - DirectX version note, DirectX Video Acceleration - DXVA on Windows Vista and later, DirectX plugin - Overview, DirectX Video Acceleration - Overview, DirectX - Releases, Managed DirectX, DirectX 9 - DirectX 11, DirectX Graphics Infrastructure, DirectX 9 - Logos, DirectX Media Objects - DirectX 10, DirectX 9 - Development history, List of games with DirectX 10 support, DirectX plugin - Types and compatibility, DirectX plugin - DirectX plugin hosts, Features new to Windows 7 - DirectX, DirectX - Logos, DirectX 9 - DirectX 12, DirectX Media Objects - DirectX 11, Features new to Windows Vista - DirectX, DirectX Media Objects - Components, DirectX plugin - Programmability, DirectX - Alternatives, Managed DirectX - MDX 2.0 beta, List of Microsoft Windows components - DirectX, and much more...画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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